“Take public criticisms in good faith” – Kwaw Kesse admonished politicians

“Take public criticisms in good faith” – Kwaw Kesse admonished politicians

Hiplife singer Kwaw Kesse has admonished Politicians to accept criticisms in good faith.

Amidst the trending Nana Aba Anamoah’s critique at the government, the “Dondo” hitmaker among other public figures have added their voices to the happening.

According to Kwaw Kesse, politicians are to accept every public criticism in good faith because its the same people who cued to give them the job.

He also made reference to other nations which are at war due to bad governance saying, Ghana is not exceptional as he mentioned, Hong Kong, Lebanon, Chile, Venezuela among others.

He registered: (unedited)

Dear politicians,

when the people criticize you take it in good faith and up your game. They’re the ones who gave you the job.

There’s war in Hong Kong, Lebanon, Chile, Venezuela, Bolivia, Iraq etc

These are wars against bad governance. Ghana is not exceptional

In other observations, Tv personalities, Serwaa Amjnhre and Bridget Otoo made their concern known as they threw their weight behind their colleague.

Serwaa Aminhre on her Twitter page writes:

Political fanatics seek to make criticism of public officials and politicians a high risk activity through vulgar insults. We however refuse to be gagged and it must encourage us to speak truth to power always. @thenanaaba was spot on!

Bridget Otoo commends:

What @thenanaaba said was the truth. Gosh! So much for honest discussions. Give her a break!

Nana Aba Anamoah over the week descends on the two head political parties in Ghana for playing with the minds of Ghanaians.


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