SM diva “slaps” Shatta Wale for attacking Sarkodie on social media, threatens to vacate SM

SM diva “slaps” Shatta Wale for attacking Sarkodie on social media, threatens to vacate SM

A section of SM fans are registering displeasure over the recent attack on Sarkodie by the SM boss, Shatta Wale.

Most of Shatta Movement fans seems to be fed up with the antics of their boss and willing to vacate camp if such persists. 

A trending article from a die hard SM fan by a facebook username “Mavis Harrison” spotted by this website on social media seems to communicate how unnercersary it was for Shatta Wale to go on his twitter to accuse Sarkodie on so many things which would affect his marital home and other businesses. 

Most SM fans had shared in her view and had also registered their displeasures in the comment section of the post.

According to Mavis, “artists should understand  that they are nothing without their fans. Sometimes they should learn to listen to advice from their fans and close ones. Those of u close to shatta wale, I don’t know if it’s fear of being sacked from the movement that is preventing you from talking to him when he’s going wayward or what? Shatta is not a kid for God sake we understand that his controversy landed him where he is now”

She added that, “Seriously I just saw all the things he posted on twitter and it’s very shameful. Constantly attacking someone who hasn’t offended you for no dang reasons.  Insulting his family members wtf ?? This is not right”

Mavis therefore had asked and admonished Shatta Wale to produce more hits songs and to shunned such Dramma because most of them are already tired of him and do not know what other words to use in defending him on a social media. 

“We need more hit songs these drama isn’t necessary at all. Change for the better else you will loose a lot of fans. Some of us we are tired already. We don’t even know the words to use to defend u anymore” she admonished.

Most fans had trooped under her post to pour their hearts to Shatta Wale.

A user with the name “Tagoe Okai Dennis “ believes Shatta Wale is been pushed by Bulldog to act as such and a time will come he will regret his actions.

“I don’t know who he sit with before doing this stuffs .  When he was with Julio he never voice out on Sark Diss but Bulldog seems to be pushing SHATTA and I wish SHATTA will one day sit and realise that all this attack ain’t necessary. This something we the fans have to fight for and not him. I don’t even know how to defend him again.”

Hassan Kadeem also registered, “Hmmm I don’t even know how to defend him these Tym around. We love wale from our heart. But he dey disgrace us Aswear.”

This also had come from another sm soldier Delsey Koffie Precious, “This brand grew from mud to gutters to where it is now,instead of him making it more brighter for ppl to know tht we know what we fought for ,he keeps adding mud to this brand already we are condemned been his fans but he keeps making it worse for us.this beef is not worth it”



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