Showboy reveals how he is working so hard to become a successful musician even in prison

Showboy reveals how he is working so hard to become a successful musician even in prison

Co-founder of AMG Business, Showboy has taken to his twitter page to divulge how he is fighting so hard to be successful in America.
Maintained by him, even though he is behind bars, he is still working so hard to chase his dream of becoming one among the best musicians in the world hence his works should be recommended.

He bragged “I made it easy for niggaz in America to also do music … Made it easy for untalented madafuckas to get more courage and do it .. I inspire ur Bosses n cEos”

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Ghanaian musician and former AMG member, Showboy, is currently serving a 6-year-jail-term in the US for stabbing a guy known as ‘Junior’.

Sam Safo, as he is known in real life, was convicted by a US court in March this year for stabbing Junior in the stomach during a fight.

He recently opened up about how he ended up in prison in a tweet sighted by, stating that it was violence that got him behind bars.

Showboy took advantage of his current situation in jail, to caution people who are quick-tempered to think twice before acting.

He also urged the youth to flee from violence.

His tweet reads;

“Violence got me in prison ..only advice I got for the youth is

1~learn to control your temper and say no to violence

2~ live ur best life n don’t watch nobody

3~ hustle non-stop n chase ur dream !! Take care of ur family ..


Showboy was reported to have had an argument with Junior in 2017. Junior was said to have attacked Showboy first.

But in an attempt to get back at him, Showboy stabbed Junior when the latter came to his house to cause trouble.

Showboy said he got angry after Junior called his boss, Criss Waddle, broke among other nasty things, and started the argument which landed him in jail.

According to Showboy, Junior disrespected his boss, Criss Waddle by calling him broke and all sorts of names, something that pissed him off and started the whole argument, which has now landed him jail time.


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