Samini goes ‘mad’ over NIA, register displeasures

Samini goes ‘mad’ over NIA, register displeasures

Reggae music performer, Samini has asked the public to shun the NIA Ecowas card registration amidst COVID-19 outbreak.

The “Linda” singer has taken to his microblog page (twitter) to register his displeasures over the Ecowas card registration.

According to him, “Whatever the registration is meant for the moral here is “go home “So if deadline is over we are no more Ghanaians?” he quizzed

He further raised a concern saying, 16 cases and counting Ghana. Some naive Ghanaians are still in queue to register to vote in December when the situation at hand demands that we stop all gatherings. How? The one you are going to vote for is at home with of sanitizers and tissue paper”.

See a screenshot of the series of tweets from the “untamed” album maker which has raised a hot debate on social media.


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