PPE sellers lament influx of fake face shields in Ghana

PPE sellers lament influx of fake face shields in Ghana

The Association of Importers and Wholesalers of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) has raised concerns about the fall in the price of face shields due to the influx of substandard versions.

According to them, this has created fear among their members, who have also reduced the prices of the certified ones, in order not to lose their investment.

Addressing the media, the Public Relations Officer of the Association, Kelvin King-Dawie called on the public to be vigilant when purchasing face shields.

“Reports reaching the Association indicate that the market has been infiltrated with substandard face shields selling at low prices and thus affecting the supply and distribution of high standard face shields on the market. Many importers have also reported cases of stolen goods from various ports across the country and these cheap face shields are believed to be supplied by middlemen and agents at the expense of investments made by the citizens of this country.”

“As a result of these price inconsistencies, some genuine importers and wholesalers of face shields are selling them below the cost price in the attempt to salvage their investment in the procurement and importation of face shield intended to support the nation’s fight at the eradication of COVID-19 in Ghana,” he indicated.

Following the increase in Ghana’s COVID-19 case count, the government signed an Executive Instrument (E.I. 164) making the wearing of face coverings outside places of abode a mandatory requirement for all persons.

Many people have, however, resorted to wearing face shields only as protection against the disease; a practice most people believe does not give the needed protection.

This has led to a high demand for face shields in recent times.

The Ghana Chapter of the West African College of Surgeons and the Ghana Medical Association had earlier protested against the use of face shields as a replacement for wearing a nose mask.

According to them, people should wear a mask beneath the shield, but should not wear the shield as a substitute for a mask.


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