Patients Stranded As Wild Snakes Invade Hospital

Patients Stranded As Wild Snakes Invade Hospital

Wild snakes are reported to have virtually taken over the Kwaman Health Center, in the Ashanti Region.

The presence of the poisonous snakes are said to be posing a  great danger to health workers and patients that visits the facility for healthcare.

Fortunately, no snake bites have been recorded in the medical facility so far, though the presence of snakes was causing fear and panic.

This compelled the authorities at the health center to appeal to the Ashanti Regional National Disaster Management Organisation (NADMO) to get rid of the snakes to avert disaster.

Ashanti Regional NADMO Coordinator, Kwabena Nsenkyire, who made the disclosure, said the presence of the snakes was a worry.

According to him, initially it was reported that bedbugs had taken over the health center “but we later discovered the presence of snakes as well”.

Mr. Nsenkyire said he and his men have therefore sprayed anti-snake chemicals at the health center to get rid of the the dangerous reptiles.

The NADMO Chief also said other insecticides were sprayed all over the health center to kill the bedbugs that were sucking peoples blood.

He urged the media to report about health institutions and public places that have been taken over by bedbugs so that NADMO could intervene.

Mr. Nsenkyire said his team would also visit the Yaa Asantewaa Senior High School (SHS) and help get rid of bedbugs from the place.


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