Pastor Kobiri Heckled: Customers demand locked up funds

Pastor Kobiri Heckled: Customers demand locked up funds

It was a frustrating scene at the premises of a Court in Tarkwa in the Western Region Monday morning when some customers of defunct Tikowre Capital ‘manhandled’ the Founder of Zoe Embassy Church, Kelvin Elson Kobiri over their locked up funds.

Pastor Kobiri had arrived at the premises of the Tarkwa Circuit Court to respond to a suit against him for allegedly issuing three dud checks.

The court could not sit because the judge was reported to be on vacation. However, word had quickly spread around that Pastor Kobiri was in town.

The investors, reportedly got wind of the situation and succeeded in blocking the entrance of the Court to prevent him from leaving the premises unnoticed.

They demanded he payed them their monies instantly, recounting that he had asked them to demand their cash anywhere they met him during a meeting at the CID headquarters in April this year where he was given a 90-day ultimatum to refund the investments of customers.

The investors were seen in a video preventing the pastor from leaving the premises as some even went to the extent of shoving and heckling him to express their frustration and anger.

It took the intervention of armed policemen from the Tarkwa Divisional Police Command to whisk him away and to place him in custody for his own safety.


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