OPINION: Wendy Shay’s “Steve Wonder” VGMA20 snub, A bias decision by the VGMA board.

OPINION: Wendy Shay’s “Steve Wonder” VGMA20 snub, A bias decision by the VGMA board.

It’s such a prejudice decision taken by the VGMA board to deny Wendy Shay’s “Steve Wonder” a nomination in the “Best collaboration of the year” category of the 21st edition of the Vodafone Ghana Music Awards.

As stated by Mark Okreku Mantey (a VGMA board member) on Hitzfm’s daybreakhitz entertainment morning show with Andy Dosty, a song might passed on to be nominated at the 2020 edition of the VGMA if its only a “featuring” project with any of the banned artistes (ie Shatta Wale or Stonebwoy) but not when its a “collaboration” project.

Putting his statement into consideration, what then annuls “Steve Wonder” a nomination since it happens to be a featured project between Wendy Shay and Shatta Wale?

Mark has really contradict the decisions of the VGMA board and I think he had to come back again to give another excuse on why they had to reject such a record a nomination in the “best collaboration” of the year category.



 In show business, a feature appearance is the participation of an outsider performer in an event such as a music record or concert, show, etc., when the performer does not belong to the regular, band or other performing group. In music, such an outside performer is often referred to as a guest/featured artist.

Featured artist appears on a song as a hired performer, he or she get paid and adds up to the product for better sales. They are not co-owners of the product but enjoys performing royalties.

They’re generally paid a one time sum as a feature but there are different types of deals points especially when a legal binding agreement is involve as  one that gives the featuring Artist an opportunity to get a share of the Publishing if they contributed as the “Co-Writer” of the song but they don’t own the Masters. 

Unlike Collaboration, two or more persons come together for a common project. Musical collaboration occurs when musicians in different places or groups work on the piece. Typically, multiple parties are involved (singers, songwriters, lyricists, composers, and producers) come together to create one work.

With collaboration, both parties owns the masters of the record and receives a percentage of the publishing royalties. 


So with the case of  Wendy Shay and Shatta Wale’s “Steve Wonder”, which details Shatta as a featured artiste in connection with what Mark Okreku had disseminated on Hitzfm this morning, it is so clear that, the VGMA board took a prejudice decision to deny the song a nomination even though the category defines “collaboration of the year”.

With further observations, I suggest the VGMA among other music award schemes should create a different category for “Best feature of the year” if only they really want to tackle the technicality of music performances in regards to their category groupings.

Because you can’t say, the song “Steve wonder” was a collaborated project with a banned artiste hence its nomination under the “Best collaboration of the year” category was nullified meanwhile it was a featured project. 

Prepared By: Gideon Ofori



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