Nutritionist Akosua writes: How to prepare ‘breast friendly’ smoothies

Nutritionist Akosua writes: How to prepare ‘breast friendly’ smoothies

Eating fruits and vegetables, whole grains and omega 3 rich foods improved fatigue and sleep quality in breast cancer survivors.

Below is a breast friendly smoothie for those without breast cancer, those on treatment and survivors.

You will need to work with your professional nutritionist to help you with your nutrition (based on your medical records, your current records and to help you achieve set targets).

Ingredients –
1. Pineapple  – 2 sardine tin size
2. Banana  – 2 fingers
3. Honey – 1 tablespoon full
4. Coconut water – 1 glass (6-8 ounce)
5. Ginger powder – 1/2 finger
6. Mint – 3 to 5 picks

Method of preparation

Pour coconut water into a blender, add pineapple, banana and honey and blend. Add all other ingredients and blend.Get some ice cubes into a 6-8 ounce serving glass, pour smoothies into your glass with ice cubes, serve and enjoy.

Pineapple  – it’s a nutrition star fruit with high amounts of vitamin C (which helps to fight cell damage and prevents against problems like heart disease and joint pain) and magnesium (for strong bones).

Banana  – it’s high in fiber, good for the heart, eases digestion, good source of potassium which helps with regulating heartbeat, our blood pressure and keeping the brain alert. It has other amazing benefits.

Coconut water – it has amazing benefits for men, women and everyone other person within the life-cycle. It has sexual benefits for men and also helps with the immunity of pregnant women and a whole lot more (you can read more on the benefits of coconut water for all on

Ginger powder – To aid in the promotion of digestion (digestive relief). It reduces muscle pain and soreness and possess anti-inflammatory effects with lots of antioxidant properties.

Mint – an example of one of the most highest antioxidant possessing commodity which adds flavor to cooking. Contains antioxidants and anti-inflammatory agent rosmarinic for treating allergies (seasonal allergy symptoms). It has benefits for a breastfeeding mother and child, good for reducing common colds, for indigestion and for treating bloating or flatulence . It’s good for promoting healthy cholesterol levels.

Honey – it is better than refined sugar; It helps to improve on the taste of preparations. It contains nutrients for lowering triglycerides levels, good for lowering blood pressure and cholesterol levels and so on.

Enjoy your glass of goodness.

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Columnist: Aphyra Akosua Konadu Yiadom | Registered Nutritionist | 0503830655


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