Nutritionist Akosua writes: 6 reasons to eat snails

Nutritionist Akosua writes: 6 reasons to eat snails

Snails are easier to find in our beloved Ghana and is a super food.

They have a lower glycemic index (how soon food consumed increases one’s glucose or blood sugar levels).
NB: it should be part of a meal and not enjoyed solely. 2 medium size, 3-4 small size and 1 large size is okay for a serving.

6 reasons to eat snails

1. Magnesium – this is for the maintenance of normal blood pressure, strengthening of bones and also helps you with regular heartbeats.

2. Iron – for healthy red blood cells to reduce fatigue and anemia. Healthy blood cells will help with ensuring that, we have a normal hemoglobin level.

3. Selenium – for protection against cell damage and for boosting our immune system.

4. Protein – protein is an important nutrient with amazing benefits to the body including, building and repairing of body muscles.

5. Omega 3 – it’s a heart loving fatty acid which is very good for the heart. Omega 3 is also good for brain health, for growth and development and has other benefits.

6. Vitamin B12 – an energy vitamin which helps release energy from the food we eat and the processing of folic acid (good for blood health especially for pregnant women and helps with your baby’s neural tube development into her brain and spinal cord).

There could be a whole lot of other benefits for eating snails.  Just keep these few benefits from me and enjoy eating snails but do not forget that, moderation is key. Enjoy the servings above up to 2 times per week (you can choose your discretion but do not abuse it).

Read and share with family and friends and let’s together build a very healthy populace.

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Source: Aphyra Akosua Konadu Yiadom | Registered Nutritionist | 0503830655


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