Mr Logic threatens to sue Strongman over “weed” comment

Mr Logic threatens to sue Strongman over “weed” comment

Controversial entertainment panelist and singer, Mr Logic is not happy with rapper strongman for subjecting him to “weed”.

Over the weekend, there was a heated argument on social media after Mr Logic had discredit the performance of Strongman on the most talked about Riddim of the Gods produced by JMJ.

Reviewing the performances of the rappers who had ride on the hip-hop version of the riddim, Mr Logic had registered his disappointment in Strongman, saying the rapper couldn’t flow to his satisfaction.

He said and I quote: “I was expecting much from Strongman. He does well with rhymes. What I heard yesterday wasn’t the Strongman that I know.”

Fanatics of the rapper took to social media to register their argument, denoting how Mr Logic has been hating on Strongman for the past years.

Few minutes thereafter, Strongman took to his twitter page to respond to the critics from the showbiz pundit, subjecting his actions as to the influence of weed.

Reacting to the clap back, Mr Logic has threatened to take legal actions against Strongman.

I can take Strongman on if I want. Has he seen me smoking weed before? Does he have evidence? What does ‘ Too much weed’ mean? I do not hate Strongman. They should stop all this hate tag. He did not go hard on the Riddim of the Gods. Play other Strongman tracks and let’s see. It is not from a place of hate” – Mr Logic laments

I will be  here writing to update you over the sue.




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