Martin Amidu finally gets 10-storey office complex

Martin Amidu finally gets 10-storey office complex

The several complains from the Special Prosecutor, Martin Amidu about office accommodation describing his current space at Labone as limited seems to fall on a listening ear. 

According to information available to, President Akufo-Addo has ordered a 10-storey complex for his work.

The Deputy Attorney General, Joseph Kpemka who revealed this said, the yet-to-be commissioned 10-storey complex for the GETFund has been allocated to the office of the Special Prosecutor.

The building, which is located near the Parliament House was to serve as Head office of GETFund but according to Mr. Kpemka, the government expects the GETFund to continue to operate from their current location.

”It was a project that was meant for GETFund, the colossal sum that has been spent there. His Excellency the president prioritizes [the Office the Special Prosecutor] over it because GETFund as we speak now is not operating from the street so in the meantime, they should remain there while this critical office of national importance moves in there.” he said.


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