“Mandatory Quarantine: More than a prison but a great directive from the president” – Gifty Anti share her ordeal

“Mandatory Quarantine: More than a prison but a great directive from the president” – Gifty Anti share her ordeal

Oheneyere Gifty Anti has given her ordeal after mandatory quarantined for 14 days.

The prominent media personnel after returning from Italy was quarantined following the president’s directive to mandatory quarantine all Ghanaian returnees from countries which have recorded enough cases of COVID-19. This was in regards to measures taken against the spread of the novel pandemic Coronavirus.

According to her, it’s more than a hell to be in a mandatory quarantine.

Gifty Anti has registered that, even though it was very appropriate for such directives to be carried out, it accounts for a disturbing experience.

On the report of her, she had had a sleepless night throughout her 14days mandatory quarantine and the experience it comes along is more of a hell than being convicted.

“Throughout the 14days, I couldn’t sleep nor eat so I was drastically losing weight. In fact, the kind of treatment we were serviced was so horrible but on a circumstance of COVID-19 outbreak, you can’t blame the health officials. They were also taking precautions not to contract the deadly virus”.

Speaking on PeaceFM’s “kokrokoo” morning show with Kwame Sefa Kai, the philanthropist has said that,  ” whiles at the hotel, there is this water I react to when consumed and that was what I was served with. So I called my husband to get me water but he was denied entry. No protocol nor your social status would get you through the security and that should tell you how tough our security agencies are keeping their work done. My husband has to go back to the house”.

“This more than being in a prison, after all, you would have someone to talk to when you are imprisoned but for being mandatory quarantine, you ought to be speaking to yourself. That was the reason behind my frequent social media videos, I was only doing that to kill boredom.”

Gifty Anti had thereafter commended the president for such measures since over 200 of people who were mandatory quarantined tested positive and that would have been a great disaster if they had socialized with the mass.




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