Let’s accept and adapt the rap style of AY Poyoo and Nana Lace – CJ Biggerman

Let’s accept and adapt the rap style of AY Poyoo and Nana Lace  – CJ Biggerman

Ghanaian rapper CJ Biggerman has called on the public to patronise the rap style of Ay Poyo and Nana Lace.

According to him, the rap style of the aforementioned persons stands out and should be considered an invention.

In a series of tweets, the rapper lauds the duo for introducing such a unique rap style and making good waves with it.

He lamented that trap music was not at its initial introduction accepted by the Americans, but with time, it was embraced and now a major rap genre in America and so is AY Poyoo and Nana Lace.

“When trap music came in America most people wey bashing that kind of music and the older generation didn’t want to accept that style of music. Fast forward some of the record breaking Acts are trap stars eg. Tekashi 69, roddy Rich etc.

And that is how AY POYOO, NANA LACE etc are. You may not like their music but they are doing something right. And people are loving them. You wouldn’t understand their type of music but funny enough they are getting the numbers. Instead of Bashing them, sit down analyze what they are doing right and improve upon it. U think Snoop Dogg and Micheal Blankson don’t know what Good music is?? But they still love AY POYOO because it Goes beyond music. The Charisma you carry. Right now u need to be an Entertainer to be able to push the music.”


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