I’m not done with Fameye – Awal

I’m not done with Fameye – Awal

Amidst the brouhaha between rapper Awal and singer Fameye, the former on Okay FM’s ‘Best Entertainment Show’ with Halifax Ansah-Addo has disclosed that, he is not done with Fameye because he (Fameye ) disrespected and cursed his unreleased song.

Awal on Okay FM Wednesday morning said he is not attacking Fameye because of his failure to appear on set for a video shoot of the song he featured, but his (Fameye) actions towards him thereafter.

According to Awal, respect is reciprocal and he expected Fameye to show a degree of respect after he had failed to come on set for the video shoot but not to call and reign insults on him and climax it with words of curses.

“In fact I am not pissed off because he didn’t showed up for the shoot but for his actions after he had failed me. You don’t expect me to be happy after you’ve been on radio to ridicule and make mockery of me. It would have been best if he could call me a day after the video shoot to tell me the reasons he couldn’t appear on set than to call me a week later and be insulting me and cursing my songs. I paid him Ghc500 as a part payment for the shoot and I expect him to refund it.” he has told Halifax.

Awal over the weekend buzzed the internet after he had published a video of himself reigning insults on Fameye.

That according to him was triggered after Fameye had failed to appear on set for the video shoot of a song they made together after he had made a part payment of the cost involved.

Even though Fameye when reached by Halifax on phone decided not to talk about the issue, he explained that, it wasn’t intentional and pleaded Awal to let go everything so they settle dispute amicably.


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