“I am leaving the ER to pursue my music career elsewhere” – Obaapa Gyamfuah

“I am leaving the ER to pursue my music career elsewhere” – Obaapa Gyamfuah

Obaapa Gyamfua seems to be fed up with the eastern region music industry and is ready to move to Accra to seek greener pastures.

The gospel songstress speaking to this website  stated that, she is no more interested pursuing a her  music career at the East because of the kind of industry players the region is dealing with.

Saying, Industry players in the region always harbours bad perception about artistes and for that matter, they will never support nor promote any artist from the region if its not on paid terms.

She stated that, DJs and presenters in Accra willingly plays her songs without paying a penny and that is what supporting an artists means but not the people from the east.

“Eastern region media and music industry persons do not support us without seeking to be compensated. We can’t pay every DJ, presenter or blogger in the east to have our songs there but on a normal day, at least you guys should consider and push us. DJs don’t play our songs without taking money, bloggers will not upload nor promote our songs online without taken money and presenters won’t grant you their microphones if you do not settle their pockets. But for Accra, if only your song is good and worth airplay, before you realised, it will be  airing on their waves and you will wonder how they got your song.” She laments.

The “Anchor” singer has also divulged her intention of leaving the Eastern Region and to set her focus at other regions to promote her songs.

“I am tired of the Eastern Region music industry players and their kind of ‘Push Him Down’ character. I won’t indulge in anything Eastern Region again for now, because my target is now Accra and I believe can make it there.” She added

Climaxing her conversation, Obaapa Gyamfua had told this website that, she ain’t releasing any song for now because she is not in a competition with anybody, besides, she is reserving any other song to invade the Accra music industry at the appointed time.

” I did not made any release this year and I am not yet to release a song now. I am not in a competition with anyone and at the appointed time, I will release a record. I am just reserving all to invade the Accra music fraternity. Eastern region people are not even playing the songs from my colleagues who made releases this year, so they shouldn’t be bothered about me.” She ended her argument.

Obaapa Gyamfua is a Ghanaian gospel music performer who emerged “Best Gospel Singer of the year” at the maiden edition of Eastern Music Awards.

She has to her credit songs such as, Modecai, Anchor, among others.


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