Emefa gives her ordeal on DateRush, Is it real?

Emefa gives her ordeal on DateRush, Is it real?

TV3 Ghana’s “DateRush” show has gained the public’s attention where lots descend to criticise its authenticity and realness.

The prerecorded show which is aired on Sunday evenings has become the talk of the town after it’s launch last year.

Emefa, a contestant has taken to her social media page to defend the show saying People saying we’re lying and the show isn’t real..or I hired AJ Please this show was recorded around February and it’s now shown on tv…it should make sense to most of you because we wouldn’t be out there shooting #DateRush knowing that there Corona Virus..I met AJ on the show.

DateRush is a Tv3ghana’s reality show where beautiful ladies are lineup to be picked by guys on a date with the fate of going into matrimony.

Even though there hasn’t been a record of successful marriage from the show, Emefa has come to say, it’s real and she has met her beloved AJ on the show and is living happily together hoping to get married soon.




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