‘Dare me and I will expose you” – Kwadwo Nkansah (Lil Wayne) threatens Funny Face in a new video

‘Dare me and I will expose you” – Kwadwo Nkansah (Lil Wayne) threatens Funny Face in a new video

Actor Kwadwo Nkansah has dared Funny Face to reply his current video and he would expose him on why he (funny face) was given such an undeserved award at the Ghana Movie Awards last weekend.

According popular Ghanaian comic actor, Funny Face do not deserve the kind of award he was given at the ceremony as the “favourite Actor” under the calenda year and was stolen for him which he is ready to make his evidence public.

Comedian Funny Face had expressed disappointment in his colleague actor Kwadwo Nkansah Lilwin after the latter vehemently expressed discontent with organisers of the Ghana Movie Awards for adjudging the former Favorite Actor in the 2019 edition of the scheme.

“Does Funny Face deserve a favourite actor? Do you know why his career has gone down the drain?” he asked while stressing is it unfathomable for Funny Face to have won instead of him (Lilwin) or Akrobeto.

Taking to his Instagram page to respond to the remarks, Funny Face hurled insults at Lilwin. He suggested that Lilwin’s constant criticism of his victory is an indication the Kumasi-based actor hates him to the core.

Reacting to Funny Face’s claim, Kwadwo Nkansah had made available a 12minutes video to register his ordeal and has threaten to expose the latter if he dares him.

Nkansah in the video stated that, he is so much aware of why such plaque was given to Funny Face even though he do not deserves it and left with nothing, but to make his evidence public if pushed to the wall.


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