Coronavirus prevented Ghana from having sky train project – Joe Ghartey

Coronavirus prevented Ghana from having sky train project – Joe Ghartey

The Minister for Railways Development, Joe Ghartey, says the COVID-19 pandemic delayed efforts to have a second feasibility study for the sky train project in Ghana.

The government in 2019, signed an agreement with a South African group, Africa Investment (Ai) SkyTrain Consortium, for the construction of the Accra Sky Train project.

This was to solve the ever-increasing road traffic congestion in Accra, with its detrimental effects on economic activity, pollution, and the quality of life.

Speaking on Citi TV’s Face to Face, the Minister stated that the company was supposed to be in Ghana for the final feasibility studies but they are yet to achieve such target.

He added that despite the COVID-19 situation, the company still expressed an interest in finishing the project.

“They were going to come this year when the whole COVID-19 pandemic came in. The South African company has not come in yet. I wrote to them in June to ask if they were still interested and they said they were.”

Mr. Ghartey said, “In 2017 we signed a Memorandum of Understanding with a group who said they want to build a sky train. In 2018, we went to South Africa and we signed a consensual agreement and we signed it with conditions presented.”

The Minister said African Investment wanted the contract for 30 years but said he needed to be given the final sum because at the time it was only the provisional estimates he had.

He added that they signed a consensual agreement based on the condition that, officials of the consortium will be in Ghana for the final feasibility study.


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