COA FS contaminated by moulds and very harmful to the human system – Anas exposé on fake coronavirus cure in Ghana

COA FS contaminated by moulds and very harmful to the human system – Anas exposé on fake coronavirus cure in Ghana

Investigative journalist Anas Aremeyaw Anas has broadcasted his latest exposé dubbed “Corona Quakes: Exposing fake coronavirus cures in Ghana”.

The Tiger Eye PI had premiered an undercover investigative piece on all National Television and various mainstream Tv stations across the country on 29th June 2020.

Anas and his investigative team had captured various concussions prepared by local herbal drug manufacturers who claim to have their product potent of curing the novel pandemic disease coronavirus.

Among them was the popular immune booster COA FS.

On the 15th March 2020, a presser endorsed by the management of COA FS promulgates a disclaimer to a publication which states “COA FS,  A CURE FOR CORONAVIRUS”.

The press release pins the immune booster supplement not being a cure to the Wuhan coronavirus disease as divulged in various media portals across the country.

Read the full article below:


Our attention has been drawn to some publications in the media under the above headline.

We wish to state that COA FS is not a cure for Coronavirus. Also, during the recent press conference, neither Professor Samuel Ato Duncan nor any other speaker alluded to the fact that COA FS is a cure for Coronavirus.

The Center of Awareness Global Peace Mission (COA GPM) therefore disassociates itself from such publications. To set the record straight, The Executive President of the Center, Professor Samuel Ato Duncan during the Press Conference appealed to the government and research institutions globally to subject COA FS to further research in order to ascertain its effectiveness against COVID-19. This appeal arose because some infected COVID-19 patients in China claimed they recovered after using the COA FS Immune Booster.

COA FS is registered as a food supplement that boosts the immune system and this is what we preach.

Anas Aremeyaw Anas and his team had carried out a systematic inquiry to discover and examine the facts of the claims so as to establish the truth.

Upon reaching one of the COA FS offices in Accra, the investigative team was told by the presiding doctor and sales agent of the supplement that, it cures coronavirus disease.

The team had purchased a bottle of the immune booster among other concussions they’ve gathered and presented it to the GHANA STANDARD AUTHORITY formerly Ghana Standards Board (GSB), Government of Ghana agency responsible for the maintenance of acceptable standards for product and services and sound management practices in industries and public institutions in Ghana.

After taking the immune booster supplement through a series of laboratory tests, it appears that the supposed coronavirus cure was contaminated by yeast/moulds.

COA FS test results from the Ghana Standard Authority

The test results prove that COA FS is infected by uncountable yeast/mould fungus and poses very harmful to the human system and may result in respiratory illness such as asthma, cough, runny nose, and sinus conditions.






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