Central University Holds 18th Congregation

Central University Holds 18th Congregation

The Central University over the weekend held a Congregation ceremony for students of the school who have successfully completed their programmes of study in the 2018/2019 academic year. A total of 1,600 graduands made it for award of various degrees and commendations. 

Speaking as guest speaker at the ceremony, Mr. Kafui Kweku Anyomedia said ”graduation isn’t the end of the journey as most clichés would have you believe, but rather it’s a transition, the commencement, (as it is known around the world) or rather the continuation of your life journey.”

According to him, the graduates as a result of the training received from the University are expected to show leadership and integrity in all they do.

He further advised that, the ultimate test of a leader is the legacy and change he/she leaves behind.

”I implore you to remain resolute in your belief in yourselves, your skills and talents, the faith your family and friends who are gathered here and finally the Faith this institution has in you by conferring these degrees.” he said. 

He added, ”Whenever I put pen to paper, I try my best to imbue these principles: faith, excellence and integrity that were nurtured here at Central University. This is not to limit the application only to architecture, But in all walks of life, all professions rely on these tenets, Whether Banking, nursing, engineering, Law, human resource management, Accounting and Pharmacy.

”Whatever you’ve chosen to do with your life, Walk down this path guided by the pillars of Faith, Integrity and excellence fostered here over your course of study. Today our country faces a myriad of problems, problems that we are the solutions of, Corruption runs rife, crippling our systems and institutions, we all know it, and as a matter of fact we’ve all played a part in it. But no more, because we are dedicating ourselves from this day forth as we step out of the confines of Central University into the world, to excellence and integrity grounded in faith.”


Mr. Kafui Kweku Anyomedia making reference to the school’s motto ‘Faith, Integrity & Excellence’ charged the university authorities and students to create innovative ways in teaching and learning to help Ghana achieve its transformational agenda.

He expressed concern about Ghana’s apparent unpreparedness to take advantage of the opportunities offered by the new technologies of the fourth industrial revolution such as artificial intelligence, robotics, augmented reality and nanotechnology.

He noted that nations that fail to take advantage of such technologies fall behind in economic terms adding that, ‘‘to be forward-thinking in delivering quality education, strive for excellence and shun mediocrity.”


Professor Bill Buenar Puplampu, Vice Chancellor in his report said it was the responsibility of students to find ways of contributing towards the development and growth of the school, adding, “It is your duty to come back and help your school.”

He reminded the graduates of their obligation to support those whose investment in their lives had helped them to achieve their set goals.

”So as you step into the world of work, please note: progress is a painstaking process of iterative development, step by step, success by success, failure followed by lessons followed by development in cumulative and incremental jumps. Short cuts to wealth, prominence and presumed stature will in time injure your spirit.

”I request of you, to be true ambassadors of what you have learned here: faith, integrity and excellence. I give you 10years to see yourself settling into big things. I sentence each of you to Godly hard work. Go out there and be counted as people who live where dreams are born and who will reach beyond the stars.”

The Vice-Chancellor of Central University indicated that vision for the future is to become the preferred destination for students who are looking for university education in the private sector; improving research and advocacy footprint; grow and consolidate of science offerings and embed in students strong ethical values. 


Prof. Puplampu called for government support to enable private Universities ”take on the definite increase in demand for access as a consequence of the forward looking Free SHS.”

According to him, the prospect of having even more public universities increase their annual intake to well over 10,000 each time raises issues of relevance, quality and focus.

”We believe the appropriate framework for facilitating both access and quality is to support private universities to fill in the gaps, become stronger, develop excellence and achieve the sorts of relevance agendas that we see in some advanced countries.

”It should be possible for a sort of State-sponsored financial support arbitrage system that allows various levels of AFUF support which would otherwise have gone to be offered to Chartered private Universities.”


Queendela Adu-Poku who was crowned best student expressed gratitude to the Chaplaincy Directorate for the values instilled in all students.

According to her, one thing that has been cherished by many in the school is about the building and strengthening of their Christian faith and values during their time on campus. 

”A university is incomplete without students and of course lecturers. I therefore want to extend our gratitude to all the lecturers and administrative staff such as Mrs. Stella Etse, Christopher Boachie, Eunice Adu-Darko, Michael Ntow, Abel Agoba, Genevieve Abbebeh amongst others who encouraged us and pushed us to go beyond our limits.” she further indicated. 


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