“Bring Ebenezer SHS headmaster to order” – Rastafari Council Ghana to GES

“Bring Ebenezer SHS headmaster to order” – Rastafari Council Ghana to GES

The Rastafari Council Ghana has released a statement to seek the headmaster of Ebenezer Senior High School  brought to order for his discriminable attitude towards Samini over his locks.

Quoting article 12,17 and 26 of the constitution of the republic of Ghana which guarantees the protection of Fundamental Human Rights, Equality and Freedom from discrimination and Cultural Rights and Practices, the council seeks the Headmaster of the above mention Senior High School brough to order for his exhibition.

A statement dated 19th December 2019 and signed by the president of the Rastafari council, Ahuma Boscoe Ocansey indicates that, the Ebenezer Senior High School aint a private entity and the headmaster cannot be allowed to exhibit such descrimination towards people who wear locks and seek for the reaction of the Ghana Education Services.

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Samini has been in the news after he was denied an engagement with the students of the Ebenezer Senior High School Accra by the headmaster over his dreadlocks.

Speaking to Citinews, the Highgrade Family boss recounted how the school’s headmaster prevented him from addressing students as his looks was described as unbefitting.

“The headmaster of Ebenezer Senior High School decided that because of my dreadlocks, I was not fit to speak to the students of the school which is in Dansoman where I live, which is 5 minutes from my parents’ home,” he said.

Samini who explained the ordeal said, he initially found the headmaster’s comment as a harmless joke but it later turned out to be an over the top statement.

This he said forced him to exit the school with his team without addressing the students.

As part of his school tour in Dansoman, he went through his former school Saint Magaret Mary and other schools but no one denied them access to speak to the students.

“At Saint Margaret Mary, I went there with my dreadlocks and I met the Reverend Father who is the assistant headmaster and then I went and met the headmistress herself. Then I went to the vocational school with my dreadlocks,” he further noted.

Samini who has been in the Ghanaian music industry for about 20 years, has earned a lot of spurs in the music industry, both on the local market and internationally.

He is known for songs such as ‘Obaa’, ‘Linda’, ‘Odo’, ‘Where My Baby Dey’, ‘Music’, among others.


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