BlueCrest University College Commemorates International Students Day

BlueCrest University College Commemorates International Students Day

BlueCrest College, a leading private university in Ghana, with nationals from twenty different African countries, has commemorated the International Students Day with a number of activities all aimed at promoting unity among different cultures.

The November 17 yearly event seeks to promote multiculturalism, mutual assistance, and diversity among students on campuses of education in various countries.

The International Students Day originally commemorates the attack of Nazi German in Czech Universities in which more than 1,200 students were sent to the concentration camps, and many others were killed. The Day is a symbol of the struggle of the students globally.

Commenting on the importance of the day, the Public Relations Officer of the Students’ Representative Council of BlueCrest College, Enoch Doe, said such occasions are very special moments for the college since the event provides a common platform for bonding and an opportunity for students of different nationalities to understand and appreciate one another’s culture.

“This event is the second of its kind we have organized in the college and with the excitement and the sense of unity it promotes among the students body, we know this has come to stay. It is such environment we provide to students to learn in order to attain their goals in life” he mentioned.

Activities organized during the event included a drama performance, float, francophone night, football tournament, a fashion show and a grand durbar where different countries showcased their cultures.


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