Blakk Rasta “cooked” alive by Sm Fans on social media

Blakk Rasta “cooked” alive by Sm Fans on social media

Ghanaian reggae music maker Blakk Rasta has faced the wrath of Shatta Movement fans for commending Shatta Wale his spectacular performances at his Faith Concert.

Black Rasta over the years had been a pain in the neck for the SM after he has been one of the strong critics of the movement and also ridicules Wale for not being able to perform with a band.

Fast forward last night, Shatta Wale had mounted a world-class stage to thrill fans with his FaithConcert.

In the event of the novel Corona Virus pandemic, which brought about a lockdown in most affected countries in the world including Ghana, Shatta Wale thought it wise to treat Ghanaians and the world to good music from his discographies but in a virtual setting through his YouTube channel.

In this way, you can watch it in the comfort of your home on your Smart TVs, Smartphone, and the likes, with the use of internet bandwidth.

Faith Concert was on a live band setting and Shatta Wale had performed to the satisfaction of all music lovers across the nation and borders where he has received commendations and accolades for putting up such a beautiful concert.

Black Rasta who could hold on with his observations took to his twitter page to rain some accolades on the SM boss but only to face the wrath of the SM.

He writes: “Congrats Shatta Wale on that beautiful LIVE performance. You still remember all the skills we shared years back. Keep it ALIVE… way to go. Long life, bro…”

Most Sm fans throng his page to cook him alive.

Check out some of the replies from the Shatta Movement fanatics below:




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