[Article] Music award schemes should stop creating separate categories for gospel music.

[Article] Music award schemes should stop creating separate categories for gospel music.

It has become my observation that, most music award schemes unless that which seeks to award only gospel musicians over the years have remained religiously bias.

Music Award schemes categorises various records according to its subsequent genres in production and I suggest such should cut across all records without any discrimination.

Just as categories are created for HipHop, HiLife, Reggae/Dancehall, Afrobeat songs….etc, so should it be with all musics records without any platform of being  religious motivated.

Gospel music (performers) only receive nominations in various award scheme content-wise instead of considering its genre of production and that is how bias these music awards schemes seems to be.

Being real, most of our gospel songs are recorded under the genre of raggae, highlife, hiplife, hiphop etc….but instead of adding them to various categories of the aformentioned genres, award organisers separately creates a category to nominate these songs to award specifically christian music performers, neglecting other religious bodies.

Making suggestions, music award schemes should stop creating separate categories to nominate gospel musics but to pile them up in accordance of the specific genre such record is recorded.

To create a scenario, a reggae song from Joe Mettle should be in a common category (Reggae/Dancehall song of the year) with subsequent records from Shatta Wale, Stonebwoy, Ras Kuuku and other reggae dancehall music performers.

On the other hand, music award organisers should pilot other religious bodies and seek to nominate its singers and records just as they’ve been doing for the christian community with its various gospel categories. To have an equal treat, if there should be a (gospel song of the year) category, then its necessary to create also (Muslim song of the year) category and same, across other religious bodies.

I think its fair to give equal treat to all music records and performers at the music awards space.



-Prepared by: Gideon Ofori


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