[Article] A Snoring Opposition Party Like The NDC

[Article] A Snoring Opposition Party Like The NDC

The National Democratic Congress (NDC) does not seen eager enough to return to government anytime soon else the party would have seen the urgent need to up its game in holding the incumbent government accountable to the people.

We are interested in the best results for Ghana. And we have no doubts in our minds that a responsible and fully active opposition party offering meaningful alternative policies would certainly push the incumbent government to go the extra mile in developing the country.

But when the opposition is largely relaxed and has closed an eye on clear lapses on the part of government, it does not push the incumbent to be challenged enough or even scared of being kicked out of government.

For instance, it is barely 12 months to general elections and the NDC has still not told Ghanaians in very clear language what new alternatives it is bringing to the table.

It has largely criticized the NPP government, alleging something is being done wrong, but has failing to tell how it ought to have been done right or how the NDC intends to do it differently.

Meanwhile, ahead of the 2016 general elections, the then opposition New Patriotic Party (NPP) as far back as 2013, 2014, 2015, had offered very clear alternative solutions to the challenges confronting the country, specifically on education and jobs.

The then opposition NPP appeared ready to take over government and was eloquently trumpeting alternative solutions such as a Free SHS policy to tackle the challenge of school fees at the secondary level. It is in full swing now.

The then opposition NPP years to the polls had clearly identified unemployment as a challenge and said it would build a factory in each of the districts across the country so as to create jobs. It has not built in all districts but it has at least built in some.

The NPP alternative message resonated well with the electorate because they could identify with it. The NPP repeated the message several times for a long period and explained in fine details.

The then opposition NPP offered several other alternatives, although it had not been able to achieve all after being in government for three years with just a year more to end its mandate.

Compare that posture and attitude to the current opposition NDC and it won’t be wrong to say the opposition party is asleep and unable to identify the major challenges currently faced by Ghanaians and which alternative solutions should be adopted.

Rather, some of the party’s key notables are engaged in pettiness that does not resonate with the electorate or even win votes.

Admittedly, the opposition has done pretty well in Parliament and pushed the Majority to retreat and do its homework well a couple of times.

But as a party, the NDC should wake up from the slumber, fold up its sleeves and get to work rather than standing akimbo and behaving like a cry baby or a spoilt child whose favourite toy has been seized.


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