Afro Nation extension in Ghana ‘useless’ – Ola Michael

Afro Nation extension in Ghana ‘useless’ – Ola Michael

Whiles many have expressed happiness and praised the current administration for putting in measures in hosting Afro Nation for 5 years ahead, Entertainment Pundit Ola Michael believes otherwise.

His assertion comes after government of Ghana signed a deal with Event Horizon Entertainment Limited to host Afro Nation in Ghana for the next five years.

The deal between the Ghanaian government and the organisers of Afro Nation was signed in the presence of the President, Nana Akufo-Addo and the Ghana Tourism Authority.

In a tweet posted by Gabby Asare Otchere Darko, a leading member of the New Patriotic Party (NPP), he wrote: “Ghana signs a five-year deal for Afro Nation to be hosted annually in Ghana. Fantastic news for traders and ravers! #UKAfricaInvestmentSummit #ChristmasIsGhana #GhanaBeyondTheReturn.”

In a separate post on Facebook, he noted that the deal “…means, investors, entrepreneurs, small and medium-sized businesses have at least a five-year investment plan to focus on to exploit well the anticipated annual Christmas traffic. The trade boom will be sustained by your thinking government.”

However reacting to this in an interview with, the Vocal Entertainment Critic and Movie Producer said the deal is useless and won’t seek to benefit the Ghanaian event organizer.

”I am hurt. I am hurt by the events that are unfolding. When we ranted over Afrima, it was not because there was no Ghanaian involved but rather we felt when same support is spearheaded on local goods, they can do more and even better. We felt if we could be given same level of support, we can also do marvelous even than the Nigerians.

”If our own government seems to be pushing agenda for other countries then there is a problem. Afrochela was initiated by a local person, the impact was great. Government could invest in that side also, your own blood for better development. There is no hope for this country, there is no hope for the young people coming up. The least they could have done was to invest into the sector, Afro Nation isn’t a Ghanaian property, it is someone’s initiative. We can create and develop our own initiative as well.” he said.


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