Afia Schwar exposes blogger Zion Felix, calls him ‘girlfriend snatcher’

Afia Schwar exposes blogger Zion Felix, calls him ‘girlfriend snatcher’

Television personality, Afia Schwarnegger has called blogger Zionfelix a ‘girlfriend snatcher’. 

In an Instagram video sighted by, the comedian said the current girlfriend of the blogger by name Minalyntouch was the girlfriend of Yemi Baba, a colleague brother but Zionfelix snatched her from Yemi Baba after he gave her a lift.

“Zionfelix is a bad friend, he snatched Minalyntouch, a makeup artist from Yemi Baba. You gave the girl a lift and took her away from him. Do you know something, he went to Yemi Baba’s birthday party, afterwards we saw him dating the girl. If I am lying, Zion should curse me. If you don’t marry her this year, you will see” – she said.

According to her, she cannot comprehend why after so many months of being intimate with the make-up artiste, the blogger cannot “man-up” and put a ring on her finger.

She further mentioned that since Zionfelix snatched Yemi Baba’s girlfriend, has since not been in good terms with Yemi Baba.

Watch the Instagram Post below: 


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