Afia Pokuaa describes A Plus TPP as ‘useless’, tells Ghanaians to ignore him

Afia Pokuaa describes A Plus TPP as ‘useless’, tells Ghanaians to ignore him

Ghanaian media personality Afia Pokua, popularly called Vim Lady has said Musician and now politician Kwame A Plus movement named The People’s Project (TPP) should be ignored. 

She made this known in a panel discussion on Good Evening Ghana, a television programme on Metro TV hosted by Paul Adom Otchere.

According to her, many political groups started with the very same intentions but ended up messing the whole country and citizens up.

”With Kwame A Plus TPP, I have my own doubts about his intentions to form the movement group. So many times, people start like this, our very own Rawlings started like this. Very energize, for the people, by the people among others acclamations but what did we end up with.

”We ended up with the same thing A Plus is talking about. His own people were excited by CHRAJ reports, 1999, 2000 there. I do not trust A Plus and do not trust politicians like himself. With all his energy as he will sound, I don’t even trust him.

”There is also the likelihood of people corrupting him which he’s not even aware. Although I don’t trust his intentions and movement formed, I like the energy he is bringing. I think in 10 years to come, he might be able to do maybe something better.” he said.


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