5 Ghanaians kidnapped by Somali Pirates

5 Ghanaians kidnapped by Somali Pirates

Pirates operating in the Gulf of Guinea and Somali have kidnapped at least five Ghanaians who were working in a ship on the Gulf of Guinea near Somali waters since 2010.

One of the survivers of the Somali pirate kidnapping, Mr Jewel Ahiable, in an interview with Sammy Flex on Sammyflex TV said he and the others were hijacked by eight pirates.

“All our phones were seized and we were unable to communicate to rescue mission, we were tortured and sea life experience has been a terrible one. Due to that, I have decided to retire from sea work. I left 1000 days in the hands of Somali pirates.

”At the moment, the zeal and passion for sea work has been lost and threw away to the gutters due to the experience I have had.” he said.

Mr Ahiable said a security guard was badly injured after suffering a gun shot during the attack and “all what the pirates needed was money”.


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